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Re: Date & Time format..

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  • Subject: [mg107581] Re: Date & Time format..
  • From: Bill Rowe <readnews at>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 05:16:10 -0500 (EST)

On 2/17/10 at 7:01 AM, graser at (graser) wrote:

>I have a list of date and time string such as..

>AA = {"Start", "Time", "11/4/2009", "3:24:06.505", "PM"}

>I want to read "11/4/2009", "3:24:06.505", "PM" as date format..

>so I did

>DateList["11/4/2009 3:24:06.505 PM"] and actually it gives me as

>{2009, 11, 4, 15, 24, 6.505}

>But there is also waring message like..

>** DateList::ambig: Warning: the interpretation of the string
>11/4/2009 3:24:06.505 PM as a date is ambiguous. >> ***

>So I thought the problem was "PM"

That is not the issue. The uncertainty is whether the "11/4"
portion of the string is a month followed by a day or a day
followed by a month.

>I tried it again with

>DateList[{"11/4/2009 3:24:06.505 PM", {"Day", "Month", "Year",
>"Hour", "Minute", "Second", "AMPM"}}]

>But it didn't work...

This doesn't work because what you told Mathematica to expect
doesn't match the format of the string. This works

In[9]:= DateList[{"11/4/2009 3:24:06.505 PM", {"Day", "Month", "Year",
     "Hour", "Minute", "Second", "Millisecond", "AMPM"}}]

Out[9]= {2009,4,11,3,24,6.505}

and this works

In[10]:= DateList[{"11/4/2009 3:24:06 PM", {"Day", "Month", "Year",
    "Hour", "Minute", "Second", "AMPM"}}]

Out[10]= {2009,4,11,3,24,6}

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