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Re: List to Expression

A solution using ReplaceAll (/.):

In[1]:= l = {a, {b, {c, d}}}; l /. {x_, y_} :> x[y]
% /. {x_, y_} :> x[y]
% /. List -> Sequence
Out[1]= a[{b, {c, d}}]
Out[2]= a[b[{c, d}]]
Out[3]= a[b[c, d]]

In[4]:= l /. {x_, y_} :> x[y] /. {x_, y_} :> x[y] /. List -> Sequence
Out[4]= a[b[c, d]]

Adriano Pascoletti

2009/12/31 Spell <l_sharonj at>

> Hellp,
> I am having trouble converting a list into an "expression". For example
> suppose I have the following list expression.
>   l = {a, {b, {c, d}}}
> When I evaluate the FullForm version, I get an output with List as the
> Head.
>  List[a,List[b,List[c,d]]]
> But, I would like the following output instead: a[b[c,d]], wondering how
> this would be accomplised.
> PS:
> Essentially, I have a FunctionSet with various functions in it. And would
> like to generate a tree of functions, from the FunctionSet. So, say I have
> functions from a to d in the set. Then, I can generate something like:
> d[a[b], c[d[a[b]]].
> Thank you.

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