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>> Why can't a computer, in principle of course, perfectly simulate the
>> activity of the human brian that we call "doing mathematics"?
> In principle of course, human minds ARE computers... but not the kind
> we're likely to build, anytime soon.
> You're not claiming that Mathematica simulates the mind of a
> mathematician, I hope?

Well, well, if I remember well Penrose whole point  is that 
mathematicians are doing mathematics, but they do not know how :)

According to him the process is definitely NOT logical thinking, but a 
"computation" done by the microtubule immersed into the quantum world.

Let me tell a non-mathematical example.

Gabo - G=E1briel M=E1rquez - was traveling in Mexico on the Trans American 
Highway and in a curve he could glance down from the road into an 
exceptionally green valley.  At the same moment as he glanced down 
into this green valley from somewhere - like the Poynting vector - the 
whole story of "Onehundred year solitude" CAME into his mind.  He said 
it was so clear and vivid that he could have dictated the first three 
chapters from word to word to a typist.

My guess is that it did not came as "text" into his mind, but rather 
as a "film" or "life" with all the usual emotional side effects, that 
make it possible to write it down so preciously as he did in the 
following 8 months.  It is anyone guess what was the bandwidth of the 
"channel"  to that "place" where the story came from that in a blink 
of an eye hundreds of peoples whole life was transfered into his 
brain.  My guess is that there is no computer on Earth that can do the 
same  in an hour even with the parenting hands and logical minds of 
highly capable mathematicians of a few hundreds/thousands/hundred-


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