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Re: Radicals simplify

Hi Murray,

stright from the manual:

"With the default setting ComplexityFunction->Automatic, forms are 

ranked primarily according to their LeafCount, with corrections to treat 

integers with more digits as more complex."


Murray Eisenberg wrote:

> Mathematica 7 documentation does NOT say that LeafCount is the criterion 

> for determining simplicity, that is, the default value of 

> ComplexityFunction.  Rather it says:


>    "The default ComplexityFunction counts the subexpressions and digits 

> of integers."


> But it does not even say how it combines the counts of the number of 

> subexpressions and digits of integers!


> On 1/11/2010 5:30 AM, dh wrote:

>> Hi,


>> why do you think x(x^2 y^3)^(1/4) is simpler than (x^6 y^3)^(1/4)?


>> Mathematica needs some criterion for this decision. The default criterion is the


>> "LeafCount[..]". If that does not suit you, you must define another


>> criterion.


>> Daniel




>> francix wrote:


>>> Hi,

>>> I am using Matematica 7 and need some help with Radicals.

>>> If I do

>>> Simplify[(x^4 y^3)^(1/4), x>= 0] I correctly have

>>> x (y^3)^(1/4)

>>> But If I do

>>> Simplify[(x^6 y^3)^(1/4), x>= 0] I get

>>> (x^6 y^3)^(1/4) and not the correct answer  x(x^2 y^3)^(1/4)

>>> Thanks in advanced.




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