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Re: Using Export to create a spreadsheet containing formulas

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  • Subject: [mg106985] Re: Using Export to create a spreadsheet containing formulas
  • From: Norbert Marxer <marxer at>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 07:13:46 -0500 (EST)
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On Jan 27, 7:43 am, gekko <pfall... at> wrote:
> Hi Group,
> I would like to know how (or if) I can use the Export function to
> create a spreadsheet with formulas in some of the cells. The
> documentation mentions how formulas can be Imported but it's not clear
> how to do the same with Export.
> Alternatively, if anyone knows of an alternative to Export that would
> be great too. (Note, I'm not really interested in an "interactive"
> solution, e.g. updating the spreadsheet while it's open. The goal is
> to automate the creation of a potentially large number of spreadsheets
> with a standard form).
> Many thanks in advance!
> Thanks, P.


If you want to interactively manipulate an Excel file, you could use
NETLink. This involves the following steps.

(*This installs ... and displays a dialog field to open an Excel file
- you could also open without dialog window of course*)

excel = CreateCOMObject["Excel.Application"]
If[! NETObjectQ[excel], Return[$Failed]]
excel[Visible] = True

(*This selects the Excel Workbook and Excel Worksheet (here the first
worksheet) *)

workbook = excel[Workbooks[1]]
worksheet = excel[Workbooks[1][Worksheets[1]]]

(*This writes two numbers and a formula into three Excel cells*)

srcRange = worksheet@Range["B12"]@Resize[1, 1];
srcRange@Value = 88;
srcRange = worksheet@Range["C12"]@Resize[1, 1];
srcRange@Value = 99;
srcRange = worksheet@Range["D12"]@Resize[1, 1];
srcRange@Value = "=B12*C12";

I hope you can use this information as a starting point.

In another post, which a sent yesterday, you can find some more

Best Regards
Norbert Marxer

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