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Re: plot colored ellipsoid

You have to kill off the Purple.

Graphics[{Ellipsoid[{1.4, 1.4}, {1.4, 
     5.7}, {{-0.7, 0.6}, {-0.6, -0.7}}]},
  ImageSize -> 250] /. Hue[0.67`, 0.6`, 0.6`] -> {} 

That gives you Black, or you could insert any color directive you wish
before Ellipsoid.

David Park
djmpark at  

From: Jordi [mailto:j.schaber at] 


For some reason I cannot color my ellipsoid. 
I use, e.g.,
  Ellipsoid[{1.4, 1.4}, {1.4, 5.7}, {{-0.7, 0.6}, {-0.6, -0.7}}]}]

Other graphics options like 'Thick' or 'Dashed' pose no problem, but it
always comes with the standard color.

any idea?


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