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change $UserBaseDirectory ?

I need to have access to an application, let's call it "Stuff", 
including its Documentation Center-style documentation, yet am unable to 
install it in either $BaseDirectory or $UserBaseDirectory.  And I'm 
unable to change $UserBaseDirectory since the system is "locked down".

I'll put the application in a directory, say,


somewhere else entirely.

I still want to evaluate


in order to make the application package's functions available.

That much is easy: append "P:\AddOns\Applications\Stuff" to $Path.

But how does one make the documentation available so that:

(1) there will be an entry for the package in the Documentation Center's
guide/InstalledAddOns page;

(2) the link on that page will still bring up the associated 
documentation for the package;

(3) and of course all the internal links for documentation pages of the 
application will work.


Note that I am NOT asking how to write such an application or how to 
arrange its files into subdirectory of Applications.  The application 
works just fine if, on an un-locked-down system, it is installed like 
any other -- in a subdirectory Stuff of the Applications directory of 

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