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Re: image is not graphics

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  • Subject: [mg110878] Re: image is not graphics
  • From: Patrick Scheibe <pscheibe at>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 03:59:04 -0400 (EDT)


<sarcasm> usually I never work with this strange image stuff, so it's no
wonder that I never came across this error message.</sarcasm>

I personally like to have a difference between an image, which is
basically a matrix of values and a graphics, which is in Mathematicas
case often a set of lines, points, surfaces, etc in a coordinate system.

For an image it is not clear from the start in what coordinate system
the matrix lies. That's why the former Graphics[Raster[]] contained a
parameter to tell the underlying bounding box.

> I'll be grateful to anybody who will help me here,
> but really this kind problem is happening more and more often - I
> believe that some rethinking of the graphics would be appreciated...

Maybe you should consider that there are people who have a different
understanding of the underlying paradigm and that it's sometimes better
just to ask and not to question the whole idea:

img = Import[
gr = DensityPlot[Sin[x]*Sin[y], {x, -Pi, Pi}, {y, -Pi, Pi}, 
       ImageMargins -> None, PlotRangePadding -> None, 
       Frame -> False]; 
ImageResize[ImageCompose[img, {gr, 0.8}], 150]

Hope this helps,

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