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Accepting string input with quotes in Manipulate

I am writing a simple application where I'd like the user to be able to inp=
ut a regular expression that will be used to filter data. I'd like the Inpu=
tField to accept the string without requiring double quotes. The following =
code works, but requires the quotes:

  "take the money and run", ___ ~~ RegularExpression[ s] ~~ ___], {{s,
   "take|run" , "regex"}, ControlType -> InputField[, String]}]

The following using ToString doesn't work because the input is treated as a=
n expression and then converted to a string containing spaces before and af=
ter the |, so typing run|take in the input field results in the string "run=
 | take".

  "take the money and run", ___ ~~
   RegularExpression[ ToString[s]] ~~ ___], {{s, , "regex"},
  ControlType -> InputField[, String]}]

Is there any way to tell Manipulate to accept the exact string that the use=
r types?

Todd R. Johnson, Phd
Associate Professor
The University of Texas School of Biomedical Informatics at Houston
7000 Fannin Suite 600
Houston, TX 77030

Voice: 713-500-3921
Fax:   713-500-3929

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