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Re: space between frame and plot on contourplot


what about

ContourPlot[y + Sin[x^2 + 3 y], {x, -3, 3}, {y, -3, 3}, 
 ColorFunction -> Hue, PlotRangePadding -> None]



On Sun, 2010-05-30 at 23:46 -0400, gummyshark wrote:
> Hi,
> When I make a contourplot, and put a frame on it, there is always a
> white space between the plotted area and the frame (shaded area if you
> have the shading on, or just a space between where the contours end
> and the frame)  I tried putting the frameticks on the outside, and
> that didn't help.  I am using version 7.  Does anyone know how to get
> rid of that white space?  Essentially I want to have my contours
> intersect the frame, not have a space between them and the frame.
> Thanks!

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