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Display question

I have a Graphics3D with various separate elements. Some elements can be 
made to appear or not. If I omit elements that range beyond the others, 
the display rescales so that the remaining ones fill the allotted 
display size. I would like all displays to appear at the same scale and 
in the same position in the display area, regardless of what elements 
are enabled. There must be a way to do this, but how ????

(Note: I'm using cylinders with very short lengths for the primitive, 
because 3D circles are not available.)

Second question: my displays have lots of white space around them. I 
thought that setting ImageMargins->0 would eliminate them, but no. ??

Here is the display code (may be obscure without supporting code).
sel={0} says display everything, else only a few cylinders.

show[sel_] := Module[{tcyl, txtb},
   If [ sel == {0},
            tcyl = Table[Cylinder[{plancirc[[i, 2, 1]],plancirc[[i, 2, 
1]] + 0.01*plancirc[[i, 2, 3]]},plancirc[[i, 2, 2]]],  {i , 1, sub3L}];

    txtb = Table[ Style[Text[IntegerString[ix, 10], centers[[ix]]],
       			FontSize -> 15, Bold, FontFamily -> "Arial"],  {ix, sub3L}],
            tcyl = Table[Cylinder[{plancirc[[sel[[i]], 2, 
1]],plancirc[[sel[[i]], 2, 1]] + 0.01*plancirc[[sel[[i]], 2, 
3]]},plancirc[[sel[[i]], 2, 2]]],  {i , 1, Length[sel]}];

    txtb = Table[ Style[Text[IntegerString[sel[[i]], 10], 
centers[[sel[[i]]]]],FontSize -> 15, Bold, FontFamily -> "Arial"],  {i,
       Length[sel]}]     ];
   Graphics3D[{Yellow, Opacity[.6], EdgeForm[Black], tcyl,
      Blue, Opacity[.8], Sphere[points, .40],White, Opacity[.6],
     Table[Style[Text[xr, points[[xr]]], FontSize -> 24,
       FontFamily -> "Arial"],{xr, 1, numbr}],
         PointSize[.011], Black, txtb},
       Boxed -> False, ImageSize -> 800, Background -> LightBlue,
      ImageMargins -> 0, ViewPoint -> {10, 10, 10}]

Steve Gray

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