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Re: Changing image from grey-scale to another


zillion ways exist. One is to use ArrayPlot and change the
ColorFunction. Please check the option ColorFunctionScaling and all the
nice Color Schemes inside Mathematica too:

data = ImageData[ColorConvert[Import["\
Jaspe.jpg"], "Grayscale"], "Byte"];

ArrayPlot[data, ColorFunction -> ColorData["BrightBands"]]

For large images this solution maybe not the best one.


PS: If the link is destroyed through my/your email client, just import
any image.

On Fri, 2010-05-21 at 06:45 -0400, ebaugh at wrote:
> How would one convert a grey scale image into another color 
> scale?
> By "another color-scale" I mean rather than rendered in shades 
> of grey, rendered in shades of a different color.
> Many thanks,
> Jason
> In case you were wondering why I am asking:
> I am attempting to use Mathematica to analyse microarray data. 
> The capture software outputs multi-image tifs.
> One image represents a green wavelength, another image 
> represents a green wave length. But they are rendered in grey 
> scale. These images get combined to give a ratio of the two 
> wavelength, but for that to work, they have to be converted from 
> greyscale.
> Jason Ebaugh, PhD.
> Ad astra per aspera
> Dissertation:
> Linkedin:
> viewProfile=&key=22842228&locale=en_US&trk=tab_pro

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