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How to change LineIndent for a cell or the notebook (edit Default.nb? edit core.nb? SeOptions[]?)

I'd like to increase the default LineIndent used now, which has default 
of 1 (em) on my system (Mathematica 7, windows).

But I am not able to find a clear description of how to actually make 
the change. I see description of the option itself, but not how to 
actually use it to do the actual changes.

I'd like to change the default to make LineIndent Larger, so the code 
will look more clear.  I do not know how to make a specific open cell to 
have different LineIndent, or to change the whole notebook setting for this.

I tried

In[119]:= LineIndent/.Options[Cell]
Out[119]= 1.
In[114]:= SetOptions[Cell,LineIndent->2]
Out[115]= 1.

But I need to tell it which 'cell' I am talking about in the above. Need 
a CellID?

Best, If I can change the default. I opend Mathematica's own Default.nb 
and Core.nb, and looked, but do not see the option there. No search opton

Looked in preferences, and not there.

Any one knows of simple instructions on how to make these change?

thank you,

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