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Re: Printout Fontsize Mystery

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  • Subject: [mg113618] Re: Printout Fontsize Mystery
  • From: Brad Rubin <bsrubin at>
  • Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 05:10:15 -0500 (EST)

Thanks, David and Sjoerd... it works now.

I only needed the magnification fixed in the Text/Printout style, so adding Magnification->1 in that cell fixed it locally for that style, but I also tested your global solution and that affected all Printout cells, as expected.

There are two things that prevented me from figuring out how to fix this:

1. I didn't know that the base style was defined in Core.nb

2. When I opened the Option Inspector on my Text/Printout cell, it showed that the Magnification was 1, so I didn't think that I needed to override it and set it to 1 again.  I thought that the Option Inspector was supposed to show the net option value after processing the whole style inheritance hierarchy?  If so, the option value should have appeared as 0.8 instead of 1, and I would have known to override it to 1.

-- Brad

On Nov 4, 2010, at 3:57 AM, David Reiss wrote:

> Because, for reasons I have never understood, the Printout Style
> Environment in the Core.nb baseline stylesheet has a global
> Magnification->0.8 setting. (note that you cannot edit this
> stylesheet).
> It always has puzzled me as to these Printout settings....
> To get around this create a private style sheet for your notebook and
> in it put in a cell and go to Cell>ShowExpression and edit the cell to
> be the following (and then go to Cell>HideExpression:
> Cell[StyleData[All, "Printout"],
> PageWidth->PaperWidth,
> CellLabelMargins->{{2, Inherited}, {Inherited, Inherited}},
> ShowAutoStyles->False,
> ShowSyntaxStyles->False,
> AutoStyleOptions->{"HighlightMisspelledWords"->False},
> ScriptMinSize->5,
> MenuPosition->1500,
> PrivateFontOptions->{"FontType"->"Outline"},
> Magnification->1]
> However note that this only changes this for those cellstyles that
> inherit the setting from the top level (Text style is an example).
> However if the cellstyle (e.g., Input)  has its own explicit setting
> in the stylesheet then that will override this and you will need to
> create a version in the private stylesheet for that.
> --David
> On Nov 3, 3:57 am, Brad Rubin <bsru... at> wrote:
>> I have my Text style, Printout style environment set like so:
>> Cell[StyleData["Text", "Printout"],
>> CellMargins->{{0, 0}, {5, 5}},
>> FontFamily->"Times New Roman",
>> FontSize->12,
>> FontWeight->"Plain",
>> FontSlant->"Plain"]
>> All of my magnification options are set to 1.
>> So, why does the print font look more like 10 point instead of 12? 
>> -- Brad

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