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Re: DownValues

Hi Stephan,

You want to look at SubValues.


SubValues[f] gives a list of transformation rules corresponding to all
subvalues (values for f[x,\[Ellipsis]][\[Ellipsis]], etc.) defined for the
symbol f.

These are not much documented in the system, but you can search for
SubValues in the newsgroup archive and
find much more. I also briefly mention them in my book, at

Hope this helps.


On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 11:39 AM, Stephan <stschiff80 at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there any way to find out about definitions like:
>        f[1][2] = 3 ?
> Here is a sample run:
> In[1]:= f[1][2] = 3
> Out[1]= 3
> In[2]:= DownValues[f]
> Out[2]= {}
> In[3]:= DownValues[f[1]]
>        During evaluation of In[3]:= DownValues::"sym" :  "
>        StyleBox[\"\\\"\< is expected to be a symbol.\>\\\"\", \"MT\"]  \
> Out[3]= DownValues[f[1]]
> So with "DownValues" I can't seem to learn about the definition f[1][2]...
> Thanks in advance,
> Stephan

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