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Re: Derivatives

On Nov 8, 8:37 am, will <will.yeu... at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to take the derivative (d/dx) of a very messy equation
> that is more easily expressed initially as a function of y, then y and
> a function of x. Rather than have to substitute and expand, can a set
> of equations be input  and instructed to find a derivative wrt x?
> (A little bit new to Mathematica)
> Thanks.
> Will


You can tell Mathematica that y is a function of x by doing y[x].  For
example, say we wanted to differentiate x=Sqrt[y] where y is a
function of x.  You can do this has follows

D[x == Sqrt[y[x]], x]

Stare at the answer for a bit and you'll see that it gives a result
consistent with what we'd get if we took y=x^2 and differentiated.


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