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Re: exporting an array

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  • Subject: [mg113788] Re: exporting an array
  • From: David Bailey <dave at>
  • Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 00:57:45 -0500 (EST)
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On 11/11/10 11:09, nt wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question on how to export a matrix. My code generates a
> vector of dimension (200 X 1), and I define:
> b = Table[b1[i] /. solution, {i, 1, 200}];
> I want to assign counters to these values, and have 1,2,3,.....,200 as
> the first column. Finally I want to export this (200 X 2) matrix to a
> file. I tried the following but they don't work:
> Export["file.txt", {i, 1, 2000}, b];
> Export["file.txt", i, b];
> I would appreciate it if anyone could suggest a way to do this.
> Thanks
> nt
It always helps to look up the help for a function that you wish to use 
- this would avoid wasting time on syntax like:

Export["file.txt", {i, 1, 2000}, b]

(Click on Export, and press F1)

Here is some code that takes the matrix 'b' and makes into a matrix with 
the indices, and then transposes the result, so you get a column of 
indices and a column of numbers.

The export is to a comma separated file (CSV) - this will be easy to 
re-import into Mathematica using Import.

In[3]:= Export["~/test/hope.csv", Transpose[{Range[1, 200], b}]]

Out[3]= "~/test/hope.csv"

David Bailey

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