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HoldForm[0] (???)

I came across this puzzling bit while inspecting a trace:

In[416]:= Quiet[InputForm[Trace[First[]][[2, 1]]]]

HoldForm[Message[First::argx, HoldForm[First], HoldForm[0]]]

That HoldForm[0] mystifies me.  It looks completely unnecessary.
What harm could come from evaluating 0 in this case?  It can't
possibly be slower than "evaluating" HoldForm[0].

By the same token, HoldForm[First] looks almost as unnecessary.
(I suppose that there could be some bizarre situation in which
First won't evaluate to First, but I have a hard time imagining


PS: FWIW, First::argx gets interpreted as General::argx, which
evaluates to

"`1` called with `2` arguments; 1 argument is expected."

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