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Re: An application of the WolframAlpha command

On Nov 22, 6:37 am, Mark McClure <mcmcc... at> wrote:
> Here's an example of an application of  the new WolframAlpha command:ht=
> The example is absolutely frivolous.  Nonetheless, it illustrates the
> fact that, if want to access results from Wolfram|Alpha
> systematically, then the WolframAlpha command makes it quite simple.
> Mark McClure

Thank you for showing what this new interface can do.  In my version I
had to make some changes.  I had to put quote marks around the integer
in every case.  That means that for the symbolic integer n I had to
use the command IntegerString[n].  With these simple changes my
version of V8 got the same result as displayed in this message.

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