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Mathematica crash when exporting to HTML? is it me?

I do not know what I did, or may be Mathematica has a problem exporting 
to html some formating.

When I open a notebook, and run this code:

h = {0.1, 0.05, 0.01, 0.005, 0.001};

exact = Cos[1];

derivativeRight = (Sin[1. + \[CapitalDelta]] - Sin[1.])/\[CapitalDelta];

derivativeLeft = (Sin[1.] - Sin[1. - \[CapitalDelta]])/\[CapitalDelta];

derivativeCenter = (Sin[1. + \[CapitalDelta]] - Sin[1. - 

derivative3rdOrder = (2.*Sin[1. + \[CapitalDelta]] + 3.*Sin[1.] - 
6.*Sin[1. - \[CapitalDelta]] + Sin[1. - 

data = Table[{h[[i]], (derivativeRight /. \[CapitalDelta] -> h[[i]]) - 
exact, (derivativeLeft /. \[CapitalDelta] -> h[[i]]) - exact,
      (derivativeCenter /. \[CapitalDelta] -> h[[i]]) - exact, 
(derivative3rdOrder /. \[CapitalDelta] -> h[[i]]) - exact},
     {i, 1, Length[h]}];

ScientificForm[TableForm[SetPrecision[data, MachinePrecision],
    TableHeadings -> {None, {"h", "D+", "D", "D0", "D3"}}, 
TableAlignments -> Left], 5,
   NumberFormat -> (Row[{#1, "e", #3}] & )]

Then do SAVE AS and select HTML, then Mathematica freezes and many 
errors are generated, kernel seems to go into a loop. has to kill the 

I put the notebook itself and a screen shot of the error I get here:

I am using version 7 on windows 7 OS, 64 bit.

It was working ok before, I must have changed something.  I close 
Mathematica, start again, same problem. I think it can't export to HTML 
the generated table?

May be someone could try this and see if they get the same problem?


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