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Determing Number of Measures

The code listed below is intended for Demonstration Project to
determine the number of measures required for any duration (seconds
within one day) for any common [numerator/denominator] time signature
variations using an "absolute" (quarter note based) Beats Per Minute

I cannot find the faults in this [Mathematica 7] code, either in its output
formatting or its formulas. Can anyone help?

ToString[hours]," hour(s) : ",
ToString[minutes]," minute(s) : ",
ToString[seconds]," second(s)"],
"requires ",
ToString[ts tsn/60/bpm/sd],
" measure(s) of ",
" time using ",ToString[bpm]," (1/4 note) BPM"]}],
FrameLabel->{{"",""},{"","Determing Measures Required"}}

The use of the variable "sd" is for a scaling "rule base" factor for
computing the "absolute" number of quarter note beats per measure.

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