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Working with margins paddings and compositions of multiple figures

I currently have a problem where I want to superimpose a figure ontop
of a loaded jpeg, which I've been trying to hack together using
ImageCompose. But for som reason you can't set the size of the
overlay, which means I have to plot the figure in such a way that the
paddings and margins are just right, which meens alot of messing
around with the numbers manually. Ideally It should be possible to
simply specify that {20%,20%} in the overlay should be at {10%,10%} in
the image, with a size such that {90%,90%} in the overlay is at {30%,
30%} in the image or something similar.

 Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 5}, Axes -> None,ImageSize -> 100, ImageMargins -
> 200,  AspectRatio -> 1/2
  , AspectRatio -> 0.7]]

In general I find it hard to see the way you "are supposed" to work
with margins and paddings in Mathematica, it seems frustatingly hard
to do stuff like putting two plots in a graphicsrow and making the
axes lines align between them. I'm used to working in html/css where
you pretty much just specify all margins and paddings and get
everything lined up perfectly. I'm wondering if theres some typical
way of making stuff align in mathematica which I'm just missing, or if
on the lower level expressions it becomes easier to control these

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