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How to offset tick labels?

Dear Group,

is there a way to shift/move/offset tick and frametick labels in e.g.
ListPlot? The following example uses rotateted frametick labels
gradually increasing in size. This seemingly causes misplacement of
labels compared to tickmarks. I would like to place every label such a
way that its top left side aligns to the actual tickmark instead of
its center. I am aware that such a thing can be done with charts,
however I have to stick with simpler plotting functions.

len = 10;
data = {#, len + 1 - #} & /@ Range@len;
ticks = MapThread[List[#1, Rotate[#2, -45 \[Degree], Offset[{1000,
10}, {0, 0}]]] &, {Range@len, StringJoin@Table["x", {#}] & /@
ListPlot[data, Frame -> True, Axes -> False, FrameTicks ->
{{Automatic, Automatic}, {ticks, None}}]

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


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