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a DensityPlot eps file bug in mathematica 7.0

This is the problem of opening an EPS file by Adobe illustrator
(CS3,and CS4),

the illustrator just crash!!

Here is the example.
g1=DensityPlot[Sin[x y],{x,-10,10},{y,-10,10}]

If I use 6.0 to generate such a eps file, then illustrator can open it
without anyproblem.

However, if I generate the same figure by 7.0 and try to open it to
edit with illustrator,
It run so long time and then just crash....

I use win7.0 @pc, does any one have the same problem with me...
I tried lots of thing.. but I just can fix this....

the eps file generate from 7.0 can still be use in LaTeX and the pdf
view is good....
so I don't get it....  Is this the problem of mathematica or

Many thanks...

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