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Re: A dragging matter of Interpretation

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  • Subject: [mg112288] Re: A dragging matter of Interpretation
  • From: Albert Retey <awnl at>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2010 06:28:25 -0400 (EDT)
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Am 07.09.2010 08:03, schrieb magma:
> If you go to the Interpretation page in the Doc center, and try to
> reproduce the example described there: Interpretation["x",1] on
> another nb, you may - or may not - succeed.
> The documentation says that you can copy and paste the output of
> Interpretation["x",1] onto another cell and you should get something
> that looks like "x", but when evaluated acts like 1.
> Well...I did not succeed in replicating this at first.
> That is because I often, very often, select things by multiple-
> clicking on them.
> In this case, this technique does not work.
> I do get the "x", but it stays an "x". That is: it is not interpreted.
> You can check this also by looking at the cell expression.
> But I found out by chance that the ONLY permissible way to select (and
> then copy) the "x" seems to be:
> DRAG your mouse over the x and then copy it.

I think this is not exactly correct, you will just need more clicks: a
double click will select the x, one more click the "x" and one more will
select the Interpretation(Box). Unfortunately the appearance of the
selection does not change so it's not that easy to perform the correct
number of clicks.

> This is obviously a limitation of Interpretation which should be
> pointed out in the documentation
> Is there a way, perhaps with some option, to allow multiple-clickable
> interpreted objects in Mathematica?

Using this seems to select the whole StyleBox, and works as I think you
would want:

Style[Interpretation["x", 1], Selectable -> False]

if working with these things, I think you should know about the "Cell"
-> "Show Expression" menu entry (Ctrl-Shift-E on Windows) which shows
you the underlying cell expression.



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