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Re: notebooks default context

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  • Subject: [mg112309] Re: notebooks default context
  • From: apjs64 <apjs64 at>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 04:20:58 -0400 (EDT)
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On Sep 7, 4:01 pm, apjs64 <apj... at> wrote:
> Firstly a problem, my packages (.m)  keep having their context reset
> to global every time I open them to edit rather than "unique to each
> cell"  to which I have previously set them to.
> THIS IS THE QUESTION (rest waffle)
> I would like to set a notebooks default context to "Unique to each
> cell" in a notebook initialisation cell. Usually I use "Unique to this
> notebook" from the menu (which is fine and persists), however on
> occasion I would like to tighten things up.
> ------------
> ------------
> I think I don't clearly understand the use of the Package` context
> instructions. My basic package setup is as follows (which works):
> BeginPackage[ "Package`"]
>   Begin[ "Public`"]
>      preProcess`outNB[nb_] = "something";
>   End[];
>   Begin[ "Private`"]
>   End[]
> End[]
> so this is could be one source  of the problem.
> This is part of a general question on good programming technique in
> mathematica. My instinct is that for non-trivial notebooks and
> packages "unique to cell" is the best method and the results should
> then be put into a context for the notebook to make them available to
> other cells.
> -------------------------------------------------
> eg Notebook : aParabola.nb
> ----------------
> cell:
> a = 132
> t = .5
> aParabola`arcLength  = a * (t * Sqrt[1 + t^2] + Log[t + Sqrt[1 +
> t^2]]);
> ------------------
> Is there a best practice? I know this is a messy question, I hope it
> is clear.
> Regards,
> Jeremy Duncan
> Regarding a previous post on fonts I now use:
>    SetOptions[$FrontEnd, FontFamily->"Arial"];
>    SetOptions[$FrontEnd, FontSize->10];
> as soon as you ask the question, the solution suddenly becomes clear!

Many thanks Albert. I am trying to model a complex system so I will
indeed be building many notebooks and packages.  I scrounged the
package format from somewhere on the internet and then misunderstood
it. So I have a few changes to make! I take your point  on "best
practice". Thanks once again your reply will help get a number of
problems sorted out.


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