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Re: Parculiarities of FindRoot

Func can only be evaluated with a numeric argument, Use

Func[y_?NumericQ] := x^2 /. FindRoot[x + y == 0, {x, 0.}]

Bob Hanlon

---- Tianhui Li <tianhuil at> wrote: 

Here's a question for the group: in the following function, Func seems
to evaluate numerical arguments correctly and *works* when you throw
it into a FindRoot.  But the second command generates a lot of warning
messages.  Does anyone understand why?

Func[y_] := x^2 /. FindRoot[x + y == 0, {x, 0.}]
FindRoot[Func[z], {z, 0.}]

Warm Regards,
Michael Li
Bendheim Center for Finance
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544

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