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Re: weibull plot on weibull scaled paper

On 2/22/11 at 1:12 PM, btreat1 at (DrMajorBob) wrote:

>This gave the FindRoot:jsing error on the first try just now... and
>also the third try.

>dist = WeibullDistribution[7, 200];
>data = RandomVariate[dist, 300];
>ProbabilityScalePlot[data, "Weibull"]
>QuantilePlot[data, dist]

>So the error is not unusual.

Hmmm... If I copy and paste just

dist = WeibullDistribution[7, 200];
data = RandomVariate[dist, 300];
ProbabilityScalePlot[data, "Weibull"]

into a single cell then execute it, I see the error you
reported. Alternatively, if I type the above by hand into a
single cell I still see the error you reported consistently. Or
I can copy each line one by one pasting each into a cell then
execute each line before pasting the next and still get the error.

But if I enter each line by hand into individual cells, I don't
see the error. So, there appears to be a bug somewhere. That is,
the various ways I've described above of doing the computation
should all behave identically.

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