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Re: New to Mathematica, need help for Image Processing.

On Dec 31, 3:00 pm, Nimo <azeez... at> wrote:
> Hi..,
> Well, actually I'm not from programming background.
> Just for some analysis stuff,  I'm using mathematica.
> I tried to read mathematica documentation..its very huge and takes lot
> of time..
> so, here is my need.. pls, you people can help
> ____
> I have some pixel values[ image Resl:- is 565 x 327],
> all are Byte[0-255] values, total number of values =184755
>  which I want to insert them in any mathematica function and
>   want to see how the image is going to be..
> I tried function
> Image [ { } {} {} ]
> but it is saying something like rank should be less than 3 or 2.
> Can you people give me any solution, so that I'll just copy and paste
> all the pixel values
> so that i will automatically adjust width & height of image.. and get
> displayed in the window.
> Thank you.
>    greetings
>     nimo.

 data = RandomInteger[{0, 255}, {565, 327}];


Image[data, "Byte"]

For color:

data = RandomInteger[{0, 255}, {565, 327, 3}];
Image[data, "Byte"]

yeah.., this is from Craig Carter.. thanks for the reply.

I tried this, it is displaying an Random image of 565 x 327.

but, my pixel values are from real world image.

At RandomInteger function, i want to put my pixel values(or if it is
function, i dont know for sure)

all I've is 184755 pixel values in Range[0 -255]

any ideas..


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