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Re: Best Way to Copy from Mathematica to Powerpoint?

Hello Robert Bailie,
This is, perhaps, the simplest method:
  HoldForm[Sum[MangoldtLambda[n]/n^s, {n, 1, Infinity}] == -Zeta'[s]/Zeta[s]]]]

And, then import myfile.pdf into poorerpoint.

or this:
Export["myotherfile.pdf", Plot[Sin[x Sin[x]], {x, 0, 4 Pi}, PlotStyle -> Thick]]


Although many wouldn't agree with this preference, I prefer using mathematica's SlideShow in the classroom.


On 28 Dec,   2010, at 6:50 AM, RBaillie wrote:

> TraditionalForm[HoldForm[
>  Sum[MangoldtLambda[n]/n^s, {n, 1, Infinity}] == -Zeta'[s]/ZetBioa[s]
> ]]

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