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Re: NDSolve, three 2-d order ODE, 6 initial conditions

DrMajorBob <btreat1 at> writes:

> You're saying, I think, that the following relationship reduces the  
> differential order of the system to 5??
> Solve[0 ==
>    2 (Sin[5 t] Derivative[1][x][t] - Cos[2 t] Derivative[1][y][t]),
>   y'[t]]
> {{Derivative[1][y][t] -> Sec[2 t] Sin[5 t] Derivative[1][x][t]}}
> Bobby
Yes, the OP wanted to solve a system of 3 second order equations, but
since he left out the argument [t] of z, the lhs of the 3rd equation
vanished and the order dropped by one. (z'[t] is present in the first
equations). This error could be easily detected by looking closely at
the anwer from Mathematica.
I am somewhat angry, that the OP just stated an incomplete problem (he
could have at least provided a sample call to ndSol and cited the error
message, so one would have a better idea what went wrong.) with a
misleading typo.
Best wishes


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