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Augmenting Mathematica documentation - a serious proposal

On 04/01/2011 09:21, telefunkenvf14 wrote:

> Now I'm intrigued... Can we make a wiki version?!? (Guessing WRI would
> not be happy with this---umm...copy rights?)
> -RG

I think a set of extra information about Mathematica functions would be 
a really valuable resource, and could include contributions from many 
people. Copyright needn't be an issue if we did it by programmatically, 
inserting a big "MORE INFORMATION" dropdown box at the start of a 
standard documentation notebook.

This could all-but eliminate a whole range of problems that beginner 
users encounter, such as


The dropdown would supply a choice of links to websites that contained 
additional information for that particular function. Contributors would 
have to supply their web address to a central list, which would then be 
used by the installation program.

I would be willing to set this up if enough people show interest (and 
WRI don't raise serious objections :) ).

David Bailey

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