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Re: How to change the directory for the docs?

Sadly, Spotlight can be told NOT to search a drive or directory, but it  
can't be told (as far as I can tell) to search anything in the application  
packages or system directories.


On Mon, 10 Jan 2011 23:31:50 -0600, John Jowett <john.m.jowett at>  

> A specific point: it is easy (and has been for a few years) to tell
> Windows Desktop Search to index the Mathematica documentation.
> On this thread more generally, I cannot recall encountering any
> software better documented than Mathematica.  It is a vast system and
> the documentation scheme, while not perfect, should be appreciated for
> what it is:  a fairly precise basic description of each function,
> supplemented by examples and tutorials for several generic fields of
> application. The Mathematica book and other resources built upon and
> within the help system (and on the Web) provide a lot of added value
> and paths for learning. Just look at all the free material available
> via
> Even so, I don't think one can expect it to cover all possible
> applications and modes of using the system.   There are many excellent
> print/electronic books on the market that can take you further in
> specific directions.  And Mathgroup, here, is very valuable.  There
> has already been at least one attempt at making a Wiki
> John Jowett
> On Jan 5, 12:51 am, DrMajorBob <btre... at> wrote:
>> Finally, this may be a way to make Mac's Spotlight "see" Mathematica
>> documentation.
>> Bobby
>> On Tue, 04 Jan 2011 03:29:00 -0600, Alexey Popkov <lehi... at>
>> wrote:
>> > Hello,
>> > If you use Windows and have NTFS file system on the drive where
>> > $InstallationDirectory is placed, you can convert corresponding  
>> subfolder
>> > into a junction point referring to any directory on any drive. See
>> >
>> > for details.
>> > I recommend for this "Junction" utility written by Mark Russinovich:
>> >
>> > "kj" <no.em... at>news:ifs321$oq0$1 at
>> >> In <ifpk99$bs... at> David Bailey  
>> <d... at>
>> > writes:
>> >> >It might help to explain why you want to do this. There is probably  
>> an
>> >> >easier way to achieve whatever it is you want to do.
>> >> Well, if you want to know, I've copied all the Mathematica
>> >> documentation notebooks to a personal directory, so that I can
>> >> modify them at will.  The ultimate goal is to supplement these
>> >> notebooks with important information that they lack, and to fix
>> >> factual errors in them.  I want all the built-in Mathematica help
>> >> facilities to point to these annotated notebooks rather than to
>> >> the "official" ones.
>> >> ~kj
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