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Re: Evaluation of limit


I find that Matheamtica 7 just gives back the input, i.e., can't do it, but  Mathematica 8 gives zero as desired.



>>> On 18/01/2011 at 9:52 pm, in message <201101181052.FAA11784 at>, "Dr.
C. S. Jog" <jogc at> wrote:
> If I give the command
> In[1]:= Limit[Cosh[x]+Sinh[x]^2*Log[Tanh[x/2]],x->Infinity]
> I get
>                                  x          2
> Out[1]= Limit[Cosh[x] + Log[Tanh[-]] Sinh[x] , x -> Infinity]
>                                  2
> instead of zero. This result can be verified numerically (of course, by 
> using higher precision than the default).
> Regards
> C. S. Jog

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