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Re: InterpolatingPolynomial error message

On 18.01.2011 11:52, VICTOR wrote:
> Hi,
> i am trying to get a function for this data set:
> data={{105,1.5,33.0127},{110,1.5,32.2962},{115,1.5,31.6448},{120,1.5,31.054},{125,1.5,30.5196},{130,1.5,30.0374},{135,1.5,29.6036},{140,1.5,29.2143},...}
> i execute the command:
> P=InterpolatingPolynomial[data,{x,y,z}]; And i get this error message:
> InterpolatingPolynomial::ipab: Abscissa specification 105 in {105,1.5,33.0127} is not a point in 3 dimensions.>>
> I dond't know what's going on. Can anyone help me please ? Regards,
> Victor

Hi Victor,

1.) the third value of each point shall depend on the first two?
     would be correct, if not
2.) the input is in wrong format. Map {Most@#,Last@#}& onto data
3.) all the middle values of your points are the same.
     so InterpolatingPolynomial[data[[All,{1,3}]],{x}]
     should be sufficient.

Cheers, Peter

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