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Re: Problems Exporting to PDF

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  • Subject: [mg115729] Re: Problems Exporting to PDF
  • From: Armand Tamzarian <mike.honeychurch at>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 05:28:08 -0500 (EST)
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On Jan 18, 9:52 pm, Helen Read <read... at> wrote:
> I have some (lots) of rather long Grids, each of which needs to be
> exported to a .pdf. Unfortunately, the grid gets exported as a single
> page, which is a mess if you try to print it from Adobe Acrobat.
> Here's a toy example to see what I am talking about. (The actual data is
> confidential results of online course evaluations for all classes taught
> in my department during the semester that just ended.)
> SetDirectory[NotebookDirectory[]];
> grid5 = Grid[
>    Table[Flatten[{"Question " <> ToString[n],
>       RandomInteger[{10^5, 10^8}, 5]}], {n, 100}], Frame -> All];
> Export["grid5.pdf", grid5]
> It doesn't look to awful just reading it in Adobe Acrobat, but go to
> print and check out the preview. It's a wreck no matter what you choose
> for the Page Scaling.
> Is there any way to force page breaks in the exported .pdf? I couldn't
> find anything of help in the Documentation for Export.
> So I finally resorted to the following.
> grid6 = Grid[
>    Table[Flatten[{OutputForm["Question " <> ToString[n]],
>       RandomInteger[{10^5, 10^8}, 5]}], {n, 100}], Frame -> All];
> path = Directory[];
> nb5 = CreateDocument[grid5, PageBreakWithin -> True, Visible -> False];
> NotebookPrint[nb5, path <> "\\nb5.pdf"]
> This is better, and looks pretty reasonable for this example, but when
> we were working with the actual data this afternoon, pages were breaking
> in the middle of a line of a row. The last row of text and data on page
> 1 was cut in half, printing half on one page and half on the next
> (breaking right in the middle of the characters).
> Also, a couple of oddities:
> 1. Without putting OutputForm[] around the strings, they print with
> quotes around them.
> 2. No idea where the .pdf goes from NotebookPrint if the full path isn't
> specified. It didn't go to the directory that was set, nor to
> $UserBaseDirectory, nor anywhere else that I looked.
> --
> Helen Read
> University of Vermont

I guess you aren't on a Mac? I only ever use the system Save To PDF or
Acrobat for creating PDFs. They both work - do what they say on the
packet -- without aggravation.

You would have some site licensing for Acrobat maybe?


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