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Re: matrix[m,n]

On 1/28/11 at 6:11 AM, he.frauendorfer at (EF) wrote:

>is there a "simple kernel based" routine to do the scalar product of
>two one dimensional vectors, producing the m,n Matrix:

>v1[m,1].v2[n,1] -> mat[m,n]

It isn't entirely clear to me what you want to accomplish. The
dot product of two vectors will never be a matrix. In
Mathematica the notation v1[m,1] is the function v1 evaluated at
arguments m and 1. It is definitely not a vector.

I am going to guess you want to do something like

In[11]:= v1 = RandomInteger[{-5, 5}, {3}];
v2 = RandomInteger[{10, 20}, 5];
Outer[Times, v1, v2]

Out[13]= {{-34, -26, -24, -36, -28}, {-68, -52, -48, -72, -56},
    {51, 39, 36, 54, 42}}

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