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Re: Grouping terms under the radical

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  • Subject: [mg120120] Re: Grouping terms under the radical
  • From: Alexei Boulbitch <Alexei.Boulbitch at>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 05:37:35 -0400 (EDT)

A straightforward answer may be like this:

Sqrt[(2 n)]//HoldForm

Alternatively, there is a special operator entitled
CreateSubexpression in the package Presentations by David Park.

However, from your question I understood you in such a way that you
intend to use it as formulas in scientific or engineering texts. If I
understood right and this is the case, you may have an easier solution
where you will not have to struggle against the issues you are asking
about. Namely, you may find comfortable to use the formats for Inline
Formula, Display Formula and Display Formula Numbered in the
descending menu appearing after Menu/Format/Style. They have different
appearances in different StyleSheets. I personally prefer the typical
for most scientific journals appearance of StyleSheet entitled
JournalArticle to be found in the Menu/Format/StyleSheet/Article.

As an alternative you may make your formulas programmatically to
completely control various format possibilities including interactive
ones or those evolving in time. It is, however, a rather long
question, let us only discuss it, if needed.

Have fun, Alexei

This must be a classic question. When I input

Sqrt[(2 n)]

Mathematica displays the output as Sqrt[2] Sqrt[n] -- i.e., both 2 and

n are under their own radical. The display of output doesn't change if

I impose the assumption that n > 0.

This is fine from a mathematical point of view, but it looks

unconventional when pasted into a paper. It seems to me most authors

would keep the 2 and the n under a common radical -- how can I get

Mathematica to do the same?


Alexei BOULBITCH, Dr., habil.


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