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cdf and writing disk i/o WAS Re: How to write a "proper" math document

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  • Subject: [mg120148] cdf and writing disk i/o WAS Re: How to write a "proper" math document
  • From: "W. Craig Carter" <ccarter at>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 05:00:22 -0400 (EDT)

This is a question in response to John Fultz's response to David Park about the features of cdf.

I appreciate the ability to distribute my materials via cdf. I expect WRI will benefit in the long run--many those who utilize the .cdf format will wish to purchase a license.

However, a point John made took me by surprise with respect to a small project I am working on right now:
On 8 Jul,   2011, at 4:54 AM, John Fultz wrote:
> course, some restrictions as to what can be accomplished in the Player.  The
> broadest category of items is that CDF files created directly by Mathematica
> cannot store new content to disk.  They can't use Export[], save files, etc. (*)
> But they do support much of what you've suggested before, and much more than

I am using an interface to qhull in something I'd like to distribute as cdf. Like the mPower.m package. I call qhull like this

cmd = "/sw/bin/qconvex Fx i n < " <> infile <> " >" <> outfile;
hulldata = Import[outfile, "TABLE"];

However, this relies on disk i/o.

The documentation is a bit cryptic about how to Open[] with OutputStream[] object, and attach that object to stdin and stdout.

Does anyone have an example of how to accomplish my disk i/o interface to qhull by using streams instead (on windows as well as mac)?

Thanks, Craig

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