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Re: How to write a "proper" math document

Due to its verbosity alone, MathML is an utterly horrible language for 
directly writing or reading mathematical expressions. (La)TeX, by 
contrast, is infinitely more writable and readable. Even more readable 
(and writable) than Content MathML.

Moreover, not all browsers natively render MathML, e.g., Safari on a Mac.

On 7/10/11 5:02 AM, Richard Fateman wrote:
> ...I think that there is very little likelihood of the world standardizing
> on CDF for digital distribution of mathematical documents.  There IS a
> standard, and it is different. The www has evolved document
> representation to include math, and MathML is how.  Numerous programs,
> including Mathematica, can use MathML.  Is this a good standard?  Eh,
> probably not the simplest way of representing a Mathematica notebook.
> However, one can, via "save-as", save a Mathematica notebook as XML+MathML.
> There is another standard, "OpenMath" which is more ambitious.
> I have been critical of both of these, in part because they are
> incredibly verbose....

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