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problems with strings mixed into notebook cells

Since I cannot find any other reports,
and I cannot offer a simple replication,
I anticipate widespread disbelief of the following claim.
Oh well ....

I have a notebook.
Some cells contain a dozen expressions.
I started inserting some Print commands to help me identify the output.
Mathematica occasionally (but pretty often) would then tell me that
I'm missing
parenthesis in a subsequent expression.  (I think but am not certain
that this
usually happened with more than one Print command in a cell.)
Removing the Print command (and its argument) removed the problem.

So I stopped using such Print commands.
But today I wanted some clues again, so I just inserted
some strings (without Print commands).
The same problem happened again: Mathematica stopped
evaluating the subsequent statement, claiming it was missing
a parenthesis.  I changed the string to a comment
(making no other changes) and the problem went away.

Has anyone else seen this?

(Using version 8 on 64 bit Vista. )

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