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Re: Is there ToNumber?

In[1]:= ImportString["1e3", {"List"}]
Out[1]= {1000.}

It seems that some how only the draft version of my email went out.

I was trying to point to using ImportString.

And reaffirming my stance that more emphasis should be place what I call a
gateway function to mathematica "Import".


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Subject: [mg119614] Re: Is there ToNumber?

On 11 Giu, 12:52, "Dr. Peter Klamser" <klam... at> wrote:
> ... ToExpression["1+1"]
> One Hint: If you know a function in Mathematica like "ToString", you
> mentioned in your email, look in the help system in the section "see
> also", there you find ToExpression["1+1"].
> Kind regards
> Peter
> Am 11.06.2011 09:59, schrieb Ted Sariyski:
> > Hi,
> > Is there a built-in function which returns the numeric value of a string
> > (like ToString but inverse).  Currently I use mine function toNumber:
> >    ch = StringToStream[timeStr];
> >    timeNum = Read[ch, Number];
> >    Close[ch];
> > but I suspect there is easier way.
> > Thanks in advance,
> > --Ted
> --
> Mit freundlichen Gr en
> Uta&  Peter Klamser

The request is less trivial than ToExpression["1+1"] since, for
example, typical number format cannot be read into Mathematica without
the rather involved trick reported by Ted Sariyski. As an example,

==> e3

ch = StringToStream["1e3"];
timeNum = Read[ch, Number];
==> 1000

I feel this complication as rather unfortunate, unless I am also
missing a simpler way to read in numbers.


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