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Re: Diferent colors for two surfaces, problem with PLOTSTYLE

You can include text and lines in your graph by creating two separate 
plots and combining
them with Show, so for example

pl1 = Plot3D[{2 Sin[x + y], ((x^2 + y^2) - 1)/3}, {x, -Pi,
    Pi}, {y, -Pi, Pi}, PlotStyle -> {Green, Blue}];
pl2 = Graphics3D[{{Thick, Red, Line[{{0, -Pi, 0}, {0, Pi, 5}}]},
    Inset[Style["c", White, Large, Italic], {0, 0, 4}]}];
Show[pl1, pl2]


On 15 Jun 2011, at 12:21, Francisco Miguel Morales Sanchez wrote:

> While plotting two fuctions with Plot3D I am not able to show both
> surfaces with diferent colors. I guess the only way is using PlotStyle
> but I need to put also lines and text and I am not able to see all the
> requested at the same time. Probably it is a problem of priorities or
> order of directives. Could you please give me a help? I would be
> grateful. Thanks in advance,
> Paco
> PS: Example not working:
> PlotStyle->
> {{Thick,Line[{{0,11}]},{Red,Blue},{Text[Style["c",Large,Bold,Italic],
> {0,0,1}]}}

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