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Automatic Equation Numbering when "save as"Latex


I am writing a paper with Mathematica 7. I am using predefined style
sheet " preprint". As I used "EquationNumbered" style in the
document,all equations are well numbered in Mathematica but when I
save this document as Latex, all equation numberings are gone. They
are not numbered equation anymore.

How to keep those equation numbering even in Latex?

I found some cell expression option

   RowBox[{SubscriptBox["\[Integral]", "\[ScriptCapitalG]"],
     RowBox[{"d", " ", "\[Mu]", RowBox[{"(", "g", ")"}],
       SuperscriptBox["D", "j"], RowBox[{"(", "g", ")"}]}]}]],

 , "TeX",
 "ConversionRules" -> {"EquationNumbered" -> {"\\begin{equation}\n",
     Convert`TeX`BoxesToTeX[#] &, "\n\\end{equation}"}} ]

But I don't know how I can apply this thing into style sheet.

Thanks !

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