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Re: C code generation


I assume you hope for a pure C implementation of those functions. This won't work.
If you look on what Mathematica generates for you:

<< CCodeGenerator`
fc = Compile[{{p, _Integer}, {array, _Integer, 1}},
   Position[array, p]
CCodeStringGenerate[fc, "cPosition"]

you see, that there is some line

funStructCompile = libData->compileLibraryFunctions;
FP0 = funStructCompile->getFunctionCallPointer("Position");

and this function pointer is then called with your parameters.


On Jun 28, 2011, at 1:55 PM, Shane Di Dona wrote:

> Is there a way to make Mathematica generate C code for functions such as Position[] and MemberQ[]?  I am writing a program for CUDAlink and would like not to have to reinvent the wheel (in C) on these somewhat basic functions.

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