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Re: Problem exporting to LaTex

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  • Subject: [mg116876] Re: Problem exporting to LaTex
  • From: Frank K <fkampas at>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 05:57:14 -0500 (EST)
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The MikTex problem Barrie reported can be handled by
using the MiKTeX 2.9 Net Installer, rather than "Basic MiKTeX 2.9"

In reference to my problem, I note that Mathematica exports AMS LaTeX,
which apparently has the ability to do equations on multiple lines.
Perhaps that feature is not implemented in TeXShop and TeXWorks.

On Mar 2, 4:40 am, Murray Eisenberg <mur... at> wrote:
> Possibly the trouble now is that you did not refresh the MiKTeX file
> name database, so MiKTeX didn't know that the package was there.
> I don't recall whether you can do this directly through TeXnicCenter,
> but you should have a MiKTeX program group on your start menu, and in
> there is a Maintenance group. You want the Settings choice, then the
> General tab, and click the Refresh FNDB button.
> On 3/1/2011 5:22 AM, Barrie Stokes wrote:
> > Hi Frank
> > I have a TeX problem also, which may be related, so I thought I would put this to the Group as well.
> > I made up a simple .nb file with v.8.0.0, did Save As to .tex, and ran it through TeXnicCenter set up to produce a PDF.
> >   I get an error message from TeXnicCenter , to wit: I need the file "tex\latex\setspace\setspace.sty". I can see that in the TeX generated by Mathematica there is the line "/usepackage{amsmath, amssymb, graphics, setspace}". OK
> > So I found a file called setspace.sty at the CTAN site (although it is in a folder/page labelled "obsolete"). I put the setspace.sty file I found in a folder called setspace, within my tex\latex\ structure (actually inside my C:\Program Files\MikTeX 2.7 folder) but this did not fix the error.
> > Can anybody shed any light on this issue?
> > (I have previously used my current TeXnicCenter +MikTeX setup successfully with hand-coded TeX having a "\usepackage{amsmath, amssymb, graphics}" statement.)
> > Thanks
> > Barrie
> >>>> On 28/02/2011 at 9:01 pm, in message<201102281001.FAA14... at smc.vnet. net>,
> > Frank K<fkam... at>  wrote:
> >> If I export a notebook to LaTex and open the .tex file using TexForm,
> >> I get error messages for the Output lines.
> >> The error is "Bad math environment delimiter".  This happens on a
> >> Windows PC and a Mac.  Any advice on this would be appreciated.
> --
> Murray Eisenberg                     mur... at
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