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Re: Modeling digital modulation in Mathematica?

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  • Subject: [mg117375] Re: Modeling digital modulation in Mathematica?
  • From: telefunkenvf14 <rgorka at>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 06:29:40 -0500 (EST)
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On Mar 14, 6:02 am, Robert Knighten <R... at> wrote:
> I would like to know of resources for modeling various kinds of digital
> modulation (e.g. pulse code modulation, pulse width modulation, pulse
> density modulation, etc.) and related processing (e.g. delta-sigma
> converters) using Mathematica.  
> I know of the built-in signal processing functions and a bit about some
> of the digital signal processing packages, but I've not found any that
> cover these specific areas.
> Thank you for any suggestions.
> -- Bob
> --
> Robert L. Knighten
> R... at

Here are some resources of interest:

1. Once upon a time, WRI sold a 'Signals and Systems' package...
Nasser  Abbasi has a copy of the documentation available on his
webpage at:
(Note: not compatible with v7 or v8... a major bummer...)

I wish WRI would set up an open source project with this legacy code
so the community could reincorporate some of these features into
Mathematica in an integrated way. It seems that add-on package
features are continually condensed and incorporated into the main
distribution. While I understand and agree with WRI's decision from a
design perspective, I find it incredibly frustrating to know there is
all this useful, yet abandoned code out there. Users are effectively
forced to reinvent the wheel. The 'Fuzzy Logic' package is another
package I'm interested in---it seems destined to die without *any* of
its features being incorporated into the main distribution of Mathematica.

>From a package design perspective, it would also be *very* helpful
just to see how WRI tied all of these features together. Software
design guidelines for large packages are few and far between.

2. Prof. Mariusz Jankowski has produced a large amount of signal
processing course materials, supported by a government grant and with
help from WRI. Here are some links... He also wrote the original Image
Processing package.

There is overlap in a lot of these materials. Generally speaking,
ele314 is on signal analysis, processing and convolution; ele483
contains info on digital modulation and sampling; ele486 contains info
on filters and filter design; ele489 contains info specific to image

You will probably want to start by looking at ele483 materials,
specifically the notebooks:

Hope that helps. :)


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