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Re: Simple question about inverse of a function

Am 03.11.2011 09:58, schrieb Mikael:
> Sorry David, everything is fine with your solution. I had "Break at Messages" ticked and that caused my confusion.
> My sincere thanks to all who responded.
> Mikael
>> Thanks David for your reply but unfortunately the
>> solution does not work for me. I am running
>> Mathematica 8 under Windows 7 and the last expression
>> below does not result in any solution for me (I
>> waited several minutes). This is a copy of my
>> notebook which is exactly what you suggested:
>> Clear[f,g]
>> conditions=0<=t<=1&&1<=theta<=Infinity;
>> f[theta_][t_]:=(1-t)^theta
>> g[theta_]=Assuming[conditions,InverseFunction[f[theta]
>> ]]
for me it worked immediately (also Win 7, Mathematica 8 (8.0.1)) and gave
1 - #1^(1/theta) &

Now g[\[Theta]][u] gives

1 - u^(1/\[Theta])

Maybe it helps to start a fresh session.


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