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Re: Problem displaying user-created .cdf files

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  • Subject: [mg122931] Re: Problem displaying user-created .cdf files
  • From: GARY PALMER <gpalmerlv at>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 06:03:47 -0500 (EST)
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I attempted to answer your question regarding the performance in a "fresh"
session. I found that the  content did not display in newly opened
Mathematica, which suggests to me that your surmise is correct, that I
should have used "SaveDefinitions --> True". My script is pretty basic: no
imports or initialization options. Unfortunately, my .nb file now also
behaves as though it were a bitmap, in that I am unable to select the input
cells. I'm not sure when this occurred, but it may have happened after I
once again tried to hide the cells and brackets.  Oddly, the Manipulate
plot still performs as intended. I will attach the .nb and .cdf files in a
separate email to you. I am not yet up to speed on MathGroup protocols.


On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 11:27 AM, John Fultz <jfultz at> wrote:

> Does the content appear in a *fresh* session of Mathematica, after you've
> newly
> opened the notebook and have evaluated no cells at all (including
> initialization
> cells)?
> One common failure that happens in this regard is that the CDF relies on
> some
> state in the kernel which is not automatically established, but requires
> Shift+Enter evaluations to establish.  Here's a very simple example:
> (* Bad!! *)
> f[x_] := Sin[x]
> Manipulate[f[x], {x, 0, 10}]
> The definition of f will be lost in any new session of Mathematica or
> Player.
> But, of course, it will appear to have worked while you were authoring it.
> In the specific case of Manipulate, there are generally two ways to resolve
> this.  You can use the "automatic" method...the SaveDefinitions option:
> (* Good example #1 *)
> f[x_] := Sin[x]
> Manipulate[f[x], {x, 0, 10}, SaveDefinitions->True]
> This works quite nicely, but for very complex examples (particularly when
> packages need to be loaded), SaveDefinitions automatic methods can either
> fail
> or produce an unnecessarily large (in terms of file size) result.
> The other method involves making sure that you properly localize
> everything.
> Depending upon your code, this might involve the use of DynamicModules,
> Initialization options, or other devices.  In this case of the example I
> provide, it's a fairly straightforward Initialization option:
> (* Good example #2 *)
> Manipulate[f[x], {x, 0, 10}, Initialization:>(f[x_] := Sin[x])]
> I am guessing a bit as to the exact nature of your problem based upon your
> description.  It's possible that it might be some other sort of issue
> which I
> didn't describe, like for example a limitation of the sandbox environment
> that
> the web browser plugin runs in.  If my explanation above didn't help, then
> what
> you really need to send for people to help debug your problem is the CDF
> itself.
> Sincerely,
> John Fultz
> jfultz at
> User Interface Group
> Wolfram Research, Inc.
> On Wed, 16 Nov 2011 04:46:46 -0500 (EST), Gary wrote:
> > The cdf. files that I create do not display properly. They can be
> > opened, viewed, and manipulated with Mathematica, but CDF Player is
> > able to display them only partially, even after enabling Dynamics. The
> > same problem occurs when they open in a web page.
> >
> > I get the right size box and properly labeled axes, but a tan
> > background (the intended one is light yellow). The four sliders appear
> > properly labeled above the display window, but none of the real
> > content (a disk, three arrows, and a sphere) of the demonstration
> > appears. The slider buttons slide, but since there are no objects in
> > the display, they can't do anything.
> >
> > To the best of my knowledge, I followed all the instructions for
> > preparing the .cdf file: close unwanted cells, hide brackets, enable
> > Deployed in Cell Options --> General Properties --> Deployed, making
> > sure that the file "rotate_demo.cdf" was selected in the menu of the
> > Options for Global Preferences dialog. I saved the file as .cdf using
> > the menu choice in the save dialog. I tried each of the following two
> > html tags in a web page.
> >
> > <script src="
> > cdfplugin.js"
> > type="text/javascript"></script><script type="text/javascript">// <!
> > [CDATA[
> > var cdf = new cdf_plugin();
> > cdf.addCDFObject("rotate_demo_applet", "rotate_demo.cdf", 800, 800);
> > // ]]></script>
> >
> > <embed src="rotate_demo.cdf" width="1000" height="1000">
> >
> > Files downloaded from Wolfram's demonstration .cdf files and opened in
> > in either a browser or the CDF Player display and operate properly, so
> > it seems the error must occur when the files are created.  Any ideas?
> >
> > Mathematica 8, iMac, OS X 10.6.8, Chrome, Firefox

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