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Re: EmpiricalDistribution bug

This is a known issue that has been resolved for future versions of 
Mathematica but unfortunately didn't make it in for 8.0.4. In the 
meantime you can use the following code which should fix the problem.


It is possible (though unlikely) that this could have some unintended 
consequences in other parts of Mathematica so only use it if you really 
need it.

Sorry this didn't get caught earlier and I hope this resolves the issue 
for you.

Andy Ross
Wolfram Research

On 11/18/2011 5:22 AM, Mark Fisher wrote:
> Here is a (bad) bug involving EmpriicalDistribution:
> PDF[EmpiricalDistribution[{1}], 1]
> produces error messages and returns
> Boole[{1}[[GeometricFunctions`BinarySearch[{{1}, "Sorted"}, 1]]] ==
>     1] {1}[[GeometricFunctions`BinarySearch[{{1}, "Sorted"}, 1]]]
> Here is an (awkward) workaround:
> PDF[EmpiricalDistribution[{1}], x] /. x ->  1
> which returns 1.
> I have submitted this to support at, but I'm hoping someone
> lurking from wolfram will look into this and figure out a code patch
> that can be applied right away. Thanks.
> --Mark
> "8.0 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit) (October 7, 2011)"

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